Stephanie Brown Is Dead.

The once blue sky echoed with thunder and clashes of lightning. It was almost like that portion of the Earth was falling off of the Planet. “Baby! BABY!!!” She screamed as she watched the little girl fall further and further away. The area turning cold within seconds. “Mommy!! Mommy!! Don't let them take me!!” The tiny voice cried with fear as tears began to fall from her crystal eyes. Eyes that matched her Mother's perfectly.

Crimson Night in Metropolis P.III

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, The young woman now known as Nightwing reached down to her utility belt and retrieved a piece of long line with a hook of its own sported on the end. As the two fell from the sky, She tossed it towards a gargoyle that sat perched glancing over the City just as they had done so many nights before. It worked. The line caught the large cement and wrapped itself around it a few times before the hook smashed into place.

Crimson Night in Metropolis P.II

As Barbara stepped back from the man who's jaw just met her fist, She released her fingers from the ball of might and quickly shook them out, feeling the sting course over her bones. It was a comforting feeling as it reminded her of all of the late nights with Batman and Robin. They were her family. A loud voice called out causing the Young woman to turn around and look up. There he was. Oliver Queen, looking dashing as always. This time, He was wearing a night-out-on-the-town type of outfit.

Crimson Night in Metropolis P.I

That's just the way the dark streets worked. Where money overpowered people and words meant nothing. The World was corrupted. Nightwing found herself lucky when she was granted the opportunity to work alongside the dark detective himself, The Batman. Even with him, Nightwing took a while to fully trust him, as he had suggested to her. "I only really trust Batman and Robin. They're the only two people I've really given the time of a day to get to know and trust. They've never let me down."